Back Pain
Thirteen million working days a year are lost each year in Britain as a result of back pain. Much back pain could be prevented by sitting correctly, better posture, lifting with a straight back and sleeping on a firm mattress.

Treatment of this common complaint is initially by taking the recommended dose of over the counter pain-relieving medication of paracetamol and or Ibuprofen and by resting. If pain persists for more than a few days or causes difficulty in passing urine or opening your bowels, please consult your doctor.

Minor Burns
Put under a constantly running cold tap or in cold water immediately. This prevents heat travelling to deeper layers of skin and causing more extensive burns. Keep cooling the burn in this way until the pain starts to subside (up to 15 minutes).

If the skin is blistered but unbroken, apply a loose, dry dressing. If the burn is larger than two inches across, if the skin is broken, or if you have any doubts, consult the medical centre for further advice. If you have any doubts please book an appointment for a dressing with the Practice Nurse.

Minor Cuts & Grazes
Wash the wound thoroughly with water and a little soap or mild antiseptic (eg Savlon), making sure you remove all particles of dirt. To stop any bleeding, press a clean handkerchief or dressing to the wound for about five minutes, then cover with a clean, dry dressing.

Sit in a chair leaning forward with your mouth open. Pinch your nose just in front of the bridge (bone about up by the eyes) for about 20 minutes, by which time the bleeding should have stopped. If the bleeding does not settle, you will probably to go to Accident & Emergency for treatment.

Firstly apply a cold compress, containing ice if possible, or a packet of frozen vegetables wrapped on a cloth or tea towel. Try this for 10 minutes and then apply a crepe bandage firmly around the joint. Keep your ankle on a cushion higher than the level of your hip to reduce any swelling that may occur. If pain is severe, and swelling appears immediately, it may be necessary to have the joint examined in Accident & Emergency.
A sprained joint should be treated gently while it remains painful, otherwise it will take even longer to recover.


Treat as for other burns and drink plenty of fluid. Better though to avoid sunburn by sensible use of sun creams using as high a factor as possible (do not start below factor 25). Babies should be covered with high factor sun cream, light clothing and a hat and should not be exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time.