About The Practice

Practice Policy

In line with modern practice, we place an emphasis on preventative medicine, high quality management of long term conditions, good access, encouragement of self care and on delivering a service sensitive to your personal choices whenever possible.



There has been a GP practice on the site of Churchill Medical Centre Kingston since 1919, opened to serve the people of Norbiton.  The entrance to the surgery was at that time through the door at 183 London Road, alongside the entrance to the greengrocer’s at number 185.  As the practice grew, this shop was acquired in 1987 and converted to house the growing multidisciplinary and admin team.

In 1990, the building was fundamentally rebuilt to deliver the working environment that patients and practitioners expected from a modern surgery.  As a result of the piecemeal development of the building and the lower level of London Road, the ground floor by then had 5 different floor levels. To raise these to the same level and allow full wheelchair access on the ground floor, the entrance was moved to Clifton Road (this is why we have no street number in the address).  This also allowed us to convert the rather desolate gardens into a car park, build a welcoming waiting room and use the space more efficiently to provide larger consulting rooms and a disabled toilet.  The larger waiting room also meant we were able to work with the National Childbirth Trust to run NCT classes onsite.

This change coincided with the retirement of Dr Rob Churchill, who was one of the first GPs to combine the benefits of the traditional family doctor with a rigorous scientific approach. The new building was therefore named after him.

In 2001 we started serving the people of Surbiton from a surgery in Evesham Terrace following the retirement of the GP there and providing the same standard of services as at Churchill Medical Centre Kingston.

The quality of our services was independently confirmed in 2005 when we received the prestigious Royal College of General Practitioners’ Quality Practice Award, one of only 2% of practices in England to do so.

In 2007 we decided to extend our opening times to meet the needs of our working and school age population, an innovation that was used as the basis of extended opening hours throughout the country. This then highlighted further the needs of parents with school age children, so in 2008 we began running evening children’s clinics.

We have tried to make sure that we keep the heart of the traditional family doctor service, combining it with high standards of medical practice. We are constantly looking at ways to improve service to our patients. If you have any comments or ideas for improvements, please use the online comments form on this site or drop us a line at surgery.