The practice has two nurses who care for patients with diabetes, Jo and Jan.

Jo runs a diabetic clinic on a Tuesday morning, jointly with Karan one of our HCAs.  Karan takes some initial measurements, such as BP, BMI and will perform your foot check.  You will then see Jo to discuss your diabetic care.  If you cannot attend the Tuesday morning clinic, alternative times can be made available

Jan is a Tier 3 diabetic nurse and able to see patients with complex or uncontrolled diabetes.  She is trained in insulin initiation and regularly meets with Mark Spring, Consultant Endocrinologist, to plan the care of her patients.


The Diabetes UK website has lots of useful information about your condition, and how to live well with diabetes:


If you have Type 2 Diabetes you can also book directly on to Diabetes Education Programmes running in South London via this link: https://diabetesbooking.co.uk/

This includes structured education courses where you attend a group educational session, for example the DESMOND course or remote support provided completely online, such as the OVIVA project.  You can also find out more about what each course is able to offer through the link above.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening is provided by the South West London Diabetic Eye Screening Programme.  You can contact them by calling 0333 456 0223 or email swl.desp@nhs.net if you need to re-arrange or book your appointment.

You can find out more about why it is important to attend regular eye screening appointments here 

Your Guide to Diabetic Eye Screening

or watch this video: