Post Natal Care

Postnatal appointments can be booked with the doctor at any time. When making a postnatal appointment, please advise the receptionist at the time of booking as the appointment is longer in length.   You should have a postnatal check about six weeks after giving birth to make sure you are feeling well and are recovering properly.

If you would like more information on the postnatal check you can view information at

You will be asked how you are feeling as part of a general discussion about your mental health and wellbeing.  It is important to look after your emotional well-being at any time, but during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby you will be more vulnerable to some of the common mental health problems that can impact on you and your baby.

These problems are treatable so if you think that you are experiencing any of these, please talk to the GP, health visitors or contact ICope (

Kingston ICope offers treatment for a range of psychological problems and is for all adults registered with a Kingston GP.  You can self-refer to this service by completing the self-referral form on their website, by telephone on 0203 317 7850 or by email at  Your GP can also refer you should you wish to discuss any concerns with them first.

Post Natal Information Pack